My Approach

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We create our reality with action. My coaching is a balance of deep diving into your life purpose and dreams, and action steps that move you toward your goals.

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A work-in-progress needs structure. At the start of a new endeavor, structure keeps you moving forward and gets you past initial fears and set-backs.  I’ll help you develop your grand vision and provide the scaffolding as you build it.

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You don’t need fixing – but you might need reminding.  I’m here to hold a vision of your highest potential and help you live life from that place.

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We create our reality with thought, language and emotion.  I believe in helping my clients become conscious of the way they talk to themselves and about themselves.  It matters.

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Intentions plus witnessing leads to results.  The act of stating your intentions to someone who really believes in you and holds you accountable is extremely powerful. Have me on your team and I’ll help you keep your word and follow through.

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Good habits are everything. They can be cultivated. I use what I know about brain science to help you dig new neural pathways that support what you want to achieve.

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Life is an experiment.  I like to encourage my clients to try things out, to play, and not be too hard on themselves.  It’s about noticing your life, having an attitude of curiosity, and making important discoveries along the way.

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Celebrate good times (come on). People too often rush through their victories without letting the good feelings sink in.  I help my clients celebrate and integrate their successes, and milk those good feeling of self worth, triumph and joy.

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Feel all of your feelings.  I encourage my clients to get in touch with what is emotionally true for them – the act of owning your emotions can be powerfully transformative and open up new perspectives and energy. I provide caring listening and a gentle sounding board for life’s ups and downs.

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Locking it in the body. Embodiment helps us lock in what we learn. I believe in movement; be prepared to get off the couch.