Client Stories


Shana combines her amazing strategic mind (which sees patterns, tendencies and overarching goals) with depth, compassion, and precise and surprising questions to show me perspectives I haven't considered. It’s these new perspectives that are so valuable to me. They take me out of my habitual thought patterns so that new energy can come into my life and lead me down new roads that feel more a reflection of my life goals. – O.N.


Shana is my secret weapon, cheerleader, and anchor. No matter what life throws at me, she keeps me grounded and focused on being the best version of myself every day. She helped me uncover my deepest gifts and is inspiring me to share them with the world.

What has surprised me most about working with Shana is her ability to bring clarity to any situation. Nothing is off-limits and if you have the courage to dive deep, she will challenge you to get real with yourself. And it's worth it. I plan on working with Shana for a long time. – Z.L., Entrepreneur, Inventor, Kickboxer, Traveler, Writer, Lover and Happy Client


I had the extreme pleasure of hiring Shana to help lighten my possession load at home before moving to my new apartment. Purging belongings has always been a daunting and difficult task for me, as I am a very sentimental person. I am also an artist and find it difficult to let go of old work and materials that I no longer need or want. Getting rid of clothes and bric-a-brac that were once gifts made me so uncomfortable that I would just keep them as 'visual memories,' but would no longer wear or display them.

Frustrated and crowded, I called on Shana's services and she helped guide me through the process of letting go. Shana has an astute ability to separate, quite literally, the wheat from the chaff. She is the perfect combination of practicality with a gentle delivery. Whether things need to be thrown away, left outside for the perusing passerby, or donated to charity, Shana is like a warm knife that slices through the butter of attachment.

This experience cleaned out my closets and other hiding spots where retired items accumulate, and also left me feeling lighter and that maybe some of my unwanted possessions might brighten someone else's world. I would definitely recommend hiring her! – K.F.


I had my first space clearing session with Shana, and the new energy and clarity she brought into my home resonates with me still. Behind closed closet doors and inside dark drawers were piles of everything I hadn't wanted to look at or deal with for years. Shana walked right in and directed me, one breath at a time, into the depths of not only my closet but also my unconscious self. Not only did I end up with a clean home, but I was left with a sense of inner peace and freedom.

She connects the external work of cleaning, organizing and throwing out, to the internal parts of myself that are ready to let go and be reorganized. I highly recommend Shana. She will help you help yourself with a lighthearted yet thorough approach, and a lot of laughter and fun to boot. You will be left with a sparkling space, the clarity to see your life and your home in a new light, and the inspiration to welcome new things of all kinds into your life! – V.P.


Shana helps me step back from my life and see it more clearly. I have a tendency to bundle my problems together, making them overwhelming to deal with as a whole. By giving perspective to my problems and breaking them apart, they have been more manageable to deal with and resolve.

When we began our sessions, I was have trouble breathing. In fact, I found it challenging to walk up more than a couple flights of steps. The stress was crippling and I didn't even know it. The positive physicality exercises transformed me. The commitment I made to do something physical everyday was challenging but I noticed a reduction in my level of stress. I now run about 20 - 30 miles a week and for the first time in my life I effortlessly ran 10 miles the other week. I would not believe this a year ago nor would I believe that I would be in better shape than I was when I was 25 – bonus!

 Shana helped me come to my own conclusions about what may be blocking my progress to a more fulfilling life and what I can do to remove, manage, wiggle around those challenges. She is a healer, which is something that cannot be trained but something that has to come from within. I wanted to work with her because I feel strongly that Shana is pursing the path of Life Coaching because she is confident that she can change lives for the better. – A.R.