Repatterning the Disapproving Mind

I've been experimenting with an affirmation these past three weeks. My task has been to repeat the phrase, "I approve of myself" between 300-400 times a day. Here's what I've noticed:

1. Each time I say it (in my mind) I feel a jolly little uplift in my heart, like the jolt of happiness from bumping into a good friend, or taking the first sip of a cappuccino.

2. I remember to say it when I catch myself criticizing myself or another person in my mind, or when I read something critical. Tying the ritual to a negative thought makes me conscious of how many times I criticize myself in a day, and allows me to administer an antidote to that poison on the spot.

3. The ritual has produced a cumulative benefit of enjoying my own company more, and being able to spend greater amounts of time with myself without the distraction of my iPhone, Netflix or books.

4. The phrase itself relaxes my fear of judgment. Whatever it is I'm afraid of having blundered or misstated, how bad can it really be if I approve of myself?